Prestige Travertine’s tumbled Silver travertine pavers offer a modern finish that renders any exterior living area as unique and stand alone. Prestige is one of the few travertine paver importers who can offer the premium Silver paver in french pattern for such a reasonable price. Prestige silver premium  select travertine pavers as a patio with custom fabricated coping are just one of the many different way these beautiful pavers could be used. The travertine pavers offer many benefits and leave a cool, modern relaxing space for any home. With a unique color variation and Prestige’s premium travertine paver selection process your backyard or design will truly stand out.


Silver Travertine Pavers Prestige

Our PREMIUM SELECT Tumbled French Pattern  Silver Travertine Pavers are a mixture of light and dark silver with minimal beige tones. There is significant movement throughout and a high variation should be expected. Silver Travertine French pattern consists of 8×8, 8×16, 16×16, 16×24 sizes. 1.25″ thick.

Technical Specifications

Water Absorption .78%
Bulk Specific Gravity 2.5
Co-Efficient of Friction avg dry .63 | avg wet .69
Freeze-Thaw Cycle Pass

What does that mean for me? This material will have minimal holes and tiny pores allowing water to absorb quickly. It is perfect for a pool deck as it is not slippery when wet. Premium Select Grade – very dense. No signs of cracking or deformation during a freeze/thaw cycle. **All materials are ASTM Tested (American Society Testing Materials) at an independent lab.**

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